Early implant placement of the maxillary central incisor to overcome a thin biotype


A 48-year-old female presented to have dental implants on her maxillary anterior tooth and mandibular posterior teeth. Neobiotech implant can be successfully placed and restored in both anterior and posterior area. Early implant placement with simultaneous bone graft can be utilized when anatomical condition is not ideal (thin biotype,...

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HIGHBRIDGE CASE: 4 IS-II Active implants (Neobiotech) in the edentulous mandible.


A man in his 60s, four Neobiotech IS II Active implants were placed and bone leveling was performed to adjust implant shoulder levels. Four months later, peri-implant mucosa was very healthy and Wada Precision Dental Laboratories’ snap-stud-type attachments were placed. 1 year follow up, it is very stable not...

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Single Anterior Implant with Natural Teeth Restorations


The aim of this clinical report is to introduce a technique to manage the extraction socket after immediate implant placement. After an implant is in place, a wide healing abutment is engaged to cover the extraction socket. The remaining gap between healing abutment and the free gingival margin is...

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