Reduction Crestal-Alveoloplasty with Sinus Graft


Because of downgrading of the right partially edentulous maxilla, inter-occlusal space was insufficient to restore the teeth. So some part of the residual ridge and gingiva had to be removed. However, this would leave no residual bone, and the sinus floor would be opened because the sinus floor was...

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Esthetic placement of S-mini onebody implants in the anterior maxilla and immediate loading with provisional restorations


This case shows how to make an esthetic result of S-mini onebody Implant placement in the anterior maxilla. #12 and #22 implants were placed in the narrow spaces and acrylic resin provisional restorations were immediately delivered. 

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Immediate implant placement on right maxillary central incisor according to the principles with IS-II Active implant


This case presents implant placement with Neobiotech IS-II active fixture on #11.

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