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Immediate Placement and Immediate Loading in the maxillary central incisor

Immediate Placement and Immediate Loading in the maxillary central incisor

This case shows the immediate replacement of #21 with Neobiotech IS-III active implant. Provisional restoration was immediately delivered on the day of the surgery. 

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Esthetic placement of S-mini onebody implants in the anterior maxilla and immediate loading with provisional restorations


This case shows how to make an esthetic result of S-mini onebody Implant placement in the anterior maxilla. #12 and #22 implants were placed in the narrow spaces and acrylic resin provisional restorations were immediately delivered. 

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Immediate implant placement on right maxillary central incisor according to the principles with IS-II Active implant


This case presents implant placement with Neobiotech IS-II active fixture on #11.

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7-month result of Immediate Placement using a precision Neo NaviGuide and Immediate Loading with a definitive 2-unit FPD in the posterior mandible


Immediately placed implant after extraction on the Mandibular 2nd premolar and 1st Molar Area using Neo NaviGuide.

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Short Single Implant ( IS II active 4.5 X 8.5mm) Placed and Immediately Loaded in the Replacement at #44


This case report the placement and the immediately loading of a reduced in length IS II active implant ( 4.5 x 8.5 mm) used to replace a first mandibular premolar with 1 year of follow-up.

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GBR and simultaneous implant placement in the narrow alveolar ridge


This patient presented with extremely narrow ridge after the extraction socket of #26 was allowed to heal for 8 weeks. A 3 unit cement retained PFM FPD was delivered 4 months after GBR was conducted using titanium mesh.

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