GAO Benefits
  1. Certificate of Achievement Awarded Upon Successful Completion
  2. Special Product Discounts
  3. Access to Online Clinical Database and Q&A
  4. Customized Hands-on Models for Optimized Practice
  5. Special Offers on Other GAO Courses
  6. Free Samples or Product Trials
Global Program
With training centers around the world, the GAO program provides a wide range of courses and events on theoretical teaching and principles of surgical skills. Combining of lectures, practical demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and live surgical procedures offered by eminent lecturers and respected clinical mentors, the GAO program enables every dental practitioners to offer a comprehensive package of implant care on an extensive range of cases.
The GAO program is composed of two regular sessions: Basic Live Course and Advanced Live Course. We also offer various special seminars and courses focused on both local and international.
GAO Introduction
GAO applies an evidence based rationale and experience proven implementation of new techniques and the latest technologies in providing dental practitioners practical and clinical courses that teach, inspire, and elevate respective skill sets in implant dentistry. Our mission is to provide the most progressive and documented information that encourages clinicians on all experience levels to exceed their professional goals and
Special Features

Focus Group Training

Personalized learning environment

The GAO courses remain small in order to allow interactive discussion in intimate atmosphere.
Delegates are able to interact from local to world-renown authorities and receive a close supervision and individual guidance.

Live Implant Surgery

Where the real learning begins

Bridge the clinical gap between theory and reality through attending live surgery sessions under direct supervision of qualified preceptors.
Delegates gain insights into broad aspects of the treatment process and surgical techniques that lead to clinical success.

Online Training Network

A complete e-learning source

Lectures, demonstrations, and live surgeries are recorded and made available online for review exclusively to course registrants or under qualified conditions. The online database offers continuously updated clinical reports and videos as well as other training materials that enhance learning both during and after the course.

GAO Membership & Study Groups

Become a GAO member and be part of professional networking

Upon completion of the GAO programs, delegates who wish to participate further in local or regional GAO activities for enhancement of professional networking and exchange of ideas may apply to become a GAO member.
Each member of the GAO community actively shares their clinical cases and joins discussions of clinical questions by local gatherings and exclusive special seminars for GAO members only. Members have access to periodic GAO meetings and membership discounts for international GAO programs, symposiums, and other events.


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