Implantation with GBR using CTi-membrane

pil lim

Dr. Pil Lim, DDS, MDS
Private practice
Seoul, Korea

A 38-year-old female patient had cantilevered bridges at site 14-16 and 44-46. The plan was to eliminate cantilevers and place 4 implants at site 16, 17, 46, and 47. In addition, the GBR procedure using CTi-mem was planned due to buccal bone defects at site 46 and 47.
The ridge was exposed with a crestal incision.

Autogenous bone chips were harvested in the retromolar site using the ACM drill.

2 implants were placed after the host bone decortication process.

Panoramic radiograph taken after implants placement.

The buccal bone defect was filled with autogenous bone chips harvested with ACM.

A type of CTi-mem was placed over the graft and fixed with sutures in the periosteum.

The wound closure was achieved with sutures.

Stage Ⅱ surgery 4 months after the initial surgery.

It was verified that the volumetric stability of the bone graft was achieved after CTi-mem removal.

CTi-spacers were removed.

The suture was placed over the healing abutment.

4 months after stage Ⅱ surgery.

This case presents the GBR procedure using a customized titanium mesh (A type of CTi-mem) at site 46 and 47. Prior to the CTi-mem placement, the buccal bone defect was filled with autogenous bone chips harvested with ACM

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  1. Profile photo of YoungKu Heo
    YoungKu Heo 6 years ago

    I agree with your decision in intentionally exposing the buccal side and remaining the lingual side intact, rather than doing the ridge split technique. The GBR on the buccal side with the autogenous bone from the buccal shelf area, and covering with the titanium mesh will become one of the predictable treatment modality. This is better than block bone graft. Fantastic result, Dr. Phil!
    Just one question, how did you manage the soft tissue covering without the membrane exposure? Most of us are suffering from this problem.

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